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House rules Lila Thai Massage

Image by Dainis Graveris

In the regulations below you will find the house rules that apply at Lila Thai Massage. You are obliged to adhere to these rules. Violation of 1 or more house rules may lead to measures, including a request for you to adhere to the house rules, denial of access to our massage salon and/or immediate reporting to the police.

  1. Payments in cash only. There is no debit card option.
    2. Access from 21 years of age. If in doubt, we ask you for your identification (valid passport, driver's license and/or ID card)
    3. Smoking inside is prohibited.
    4. Consuming, using, trading and/or carrying any soft and/or hard drugs is strictly prohibited. In the event of abuse, the police will be called.
    5. Persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances will be refused access to Lila Thai Massage.
    6. Carrying any weapons is strictly prohibited and will be reported to the police.
    7. In central places there is  Lila Thai cameras are installed for your and our safety. Everyone who visits Lila Thai Massage agrees to recording. In the event of an emergency, these recordings can be shown as supporting material to the police, judicial authorities and other government agencies.
    8. One must behave with respect towards everyone. Any form of racism or discrimination is not permitted.
    9. Only safe sex and the associated actions are allowed in our salon.
    10. The ladies decide for themselves which services they offer. It is wise to discuss your wishes in advance with the lady of your choice. The lady does not have to cooperate with your wishes if she does not want to and has the right to refuse the services you want.
    11. The lady has the right to refuse you as a client. If this happens to you, don't get angry, it's the lady's choice. Choose another lady, this improves the atmosphere.
    12. We believe hygiene is important and request that you take a shower before each massage. Lila Thai provides you with a clean towel per visit.
    13. In case of disagreement, it is mandatory to report this to the manager/hostess of Lila Thai.
    14. Lila Thai does a lot to be a safe sex establishment and cannot be held liable for any injury, material and/or immaterial damage.
    You enter Lila Thai massage entirely at your own risk.
    15. Lila Thai Massage is not responsible for the loss of your goods.
    16. Do not cause any nuisance to the neighbors when you visit and leave Lila Thai Massage.


These house rules are our conditions for your stay with us. The management of Lila Thai Massage wishes you a pleasant and relaxing time.

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